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Samuel Braun

Webry is a project I started to share my knowledge and experience as well as tools I build. Its all about the modern web. This is a place where I can share my thoughts and ideas with the world. More content will be added soon. You can follow my journey on LinkedIn and Dev.to:

Samuel Braun


School 🏫

2018 - 2020

General qualification for university entrance

Hey there! πŸ‘‹ Let me take you back to my school days, where my journey with programming began. The first language I got my hands on was Java. Truth be told, it didn't click immediately, but as the fog of confusion started lifting, I began to see the limitless possibilities that come with programming. It felt like unlocking a new level in a game.

My initial projects were humble - starting with a simple calculator. But you know how it goes, once the ball starts rolling, there's no stopping. My ambitions grew and led me to create a Mandelbrot set generator before my Java class even ended. It's essentially a mathematical formula that creates visually captivating images, combining the beauty of mathematics with art.

You can take a peek at the refined version. It's a testament to how one can continually grow and innovate. I hope it inspires you as much as it did me. πŸš€

Voluntary Work 🀝

2019 - 2021

Teaching kids how to code

Let's switch gears and talk about a venture close to my heart: CodeClubMG. 🌟 This incredible association paves the way for the young tech enthusiasts, opening the coding realm to kids aged 11 and up. When I stumbled upon CodeClubMG, I felt an instant connection. It was an opportunity to not just grow as a developer but to give back, sharing my learnings and projects.

Now, here's where the adventure kicks in: My first mission was to develop an iOS mobile app for CodeClubMG. The catch? I had zero experience in iOS development! But, never one to back down, I dived headfirst into Swift and managed to build a fully functional app. That was not just an achievement; it was a milestone that opened doors for me within CodeClubMG.

As I integrated features into the app, I evolved from being a participant to taking on the mantle of a mentor, guiding developers through the mystique of iOS development. 🍏

But wait, there's more! Next on my project list was spicing up the CodeClubMG website with a custom coding challenges platform. I loved every moment of this project, collaborating with fellow developers and enriching my web development skills.

My last project at CodeClubMG was contributing to the reconstruction and redesign of their learning platform. This revamp was particularly crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic, as it provided a simple way for teachers to interact with their students remotely. πŸ–₯️

Through these projects, not only did I grow as a developer but also realized the sheer joy in fostering a nurturing environment for the next generation of coders.

Now, let's talk about the cherry on top. πŸ’ As a testament to the effort and dedication I poured into these projects, I was presented with an exciting opportunity. I was offered a paid position as a web developer at imat-uve gmbh! imat-uve is an innovative automotive validation and consulting company here in Germany.

This was a turning point in my journey. Stepping into the professional world with a company was the kind of validation that all those late nights and endless lines of code were building towards. It was an affirmation that when passion meets perseverance, remarkable things happen. πŸš€

Work at imat-uve πŸ’»

2019 - now

Working as a web developer

At imat-uve, I'm thrilled to be part of a dynamic team that's crafting an ERP system aimed at innovating and transforming automotive validation processes. Essentially, we're building tech that makes automotive material testing smarter and more efficient.

My role is pretty diverse; I get to work on both the frontend and backend of the application. Plus, I'm one who keeps an eye on the existing features, ensuring they're running smoothly and are updated to keep pace with changing needs. A key focus is ensuring the system is future-proof allowing for scalability and growth. πŸ’ͺ

One of the cool parts of being on this team is how much I've learned. We work using agile methodologies like Scrum which taught me a ton about effective teamwork. I've also learned how to build large-scale applications and how to write code that's clean and easy to work with.

So, it's been an awesome blend of building, learning, and growing. And it feels great to be part of something big that can make a difference in the automotive world. πŸš€

Personal Development & Growth 🌱

2020 - 2021

Working on personal projects & courses

When school days came to an end, I decided to hit the pause button before jumping into the next big thing. I took a gap year - but, oh boy, it was anything but a break! I set out to sharpen my skills, dive into personal projects, and basically become a web development ninja. πŸ₯‹

During this time, I worked on an array of projects. One that's particularly dear to me is the revamped version of my Mandelbrot set explorer (remember, the cool math-to-art one?). This time, I used Angular and gave it a superpower with WebGL (thanks to three.js) for rendering. The result? A whopping 1000x speed boost, making it a real-time explorer. πŸš€

But wait, my coding marathon didn't stop there. I built a custom markdown CMS, a music streaming bot for Discord, and a chatbot with a dash of AI magic from GPT-3. The rhythm game enthusiasts were not forgotten - I crafted web apps, Chrome extensions, and Twitch extensions centered around Beat Saber, the popular VR rhythm game.

Of course, you can't sharpen your skills without some knowledge infusion. I enrolled in courses like "CS50: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python" and "CS50: Introduction to Computer Science" from HarvardX. I also cracked open the mysteries of CSS with Kevin Powell's "CSS Demystified" and refined my design prowess with Supercharge's "Advanced Figma Course".

And cherry on top - I earned the "Professional Scrum Master I" and "Professional Scrum Product Owner I" certifications from Scrum.org. πŸ“œ

It doesn't end, though - I'm still coding, learning, and building. Curious to see what I've been up to? You can find most of my projects on my GitHub and Bitbucket.

So here I am, a year richer in experience and knowledge, and ever excited about what's next in this fantastic journey. 🌟

Bachelor's degree πŸŽ“

2021 - 2024

Studying Media Computer Science

Now, let's talk about my quest for higher education. I initially set sail at Heinrich Heine University in DΓΌsseldorf, pursuing a computer science bachelor's degree. However, I quickly realized my heart yearned for something more practical, something that would let me dive hands-on into the world of web development.

So, I made a switch! I moved to IU International University of Applied Sciences and enrolled in the bachelor's program for media computer science. This was the perfect match! It's super hands-on, web development-centric, and gives me that β€œAha! This is actually useful!” feeling when I learn. I'm currently in the 4th semester out of 6, and let me tell you, it's been quite the ride.

Here's a little sneak peek into the courses I've had the pleasure of taking so far:

  1. Fundamentals of Industrial Software Engineering
  2. Basics of Object-Oriented Programming with Java
  3. Data Structures and Java Library
  4. Digital Media Formats
  5. Mathematics Fundamentals I
  6. Introduction to Academic Research
  7. Requirements Engineering
  8. Design and Ergonomics of User Interfaces
  9. Design Fundamentals: Perception and Understanding
  10. Project: User Interface Design
  11. Programming Web Application Interfaces
  12. Programming Industrial Information Systems with Java EE
  13. Operating Systems, Computer Networks, and Distributed Systems
  14. Data Modeling and Database Systems
  15. Statistics
  16. Design Thinking
  17. Digital Publishing
  18. Web Programming Fundamentals
  19. Project: Webshop Development
  20. ...

Each course has added valuable nuggets to my treasure chest of knowledge, and I'm eager to see what else is in store as I continue on this path. Onward! πŸŽ“

Blogging at Webry

2023 - now

Building a blogging site

I'm currently working on a blogging site called Webry. It's a place where I can share my knowledge I've gained over the years and help others on their journey.


2025 - future

If you read this, thank you for your interest! Who knows what the future holds? I'm excited to find out!


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Webry is a project I started to share my knowledge and experience as well as tools I build. Its all about the modern web. This is a place where I can share my thoughts and ideas with the world. More content will be added soon.



A Web Application that renders the Mandelbrot using GPU power with three.js and Angular. This was one of my first projects that went through many iterations. This is the current most recent version.


Song Timer

An intuitive web app that automates the synchronization of your songs to a custom beat length. Perfect for Beat Saber mappers and music enthusiasts - effortlessly align the first beat without the hassle of manual editing through Audacity!


Dictionary Web App

A simple dictionary web app that uses the dictionaryapi.dev API. It was built with SolidJS and TailwindCSS.


Scoresaber Chrome Extension

A Chrome extension that adds much needed buttons to the Scoresaber leaderboards so people can install their songs with one click.


Facts About Planets

A simple web app that displays facts about the planets in our solar system. I had a blast working on the animations.


Beatsaber Tournament Overlay

A custom overlay for the Beat Saber tournament I hosted. It was built with Vue using websockets to communicate with the game.



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